Board Talks Stats, Future Plans

The Tumwater School District School Board met in the district office on Thursday, October 13th for a monthly meeting to discuss various district-related plans and issues.  These included discussions of a new boys’ swim team and growth of the district-wide school population.

The meeting continued with BHHS student representative Ally Remy and THS student representative Jayson Haury giving reports on recent and upcoming school events, including sports matches, homecoming, and the PSAT.  

The Superintendent report gave statistics on the growth of the school district, citing that the elementary schools have increased in population by about 130 students total, and all of the secondary schools have increased in population by about 40 students total.  Overload on elementary schools due to population growth should be counteracted by the upcoming switch of sixth grade from elementary school to middle school, which is planned to take effect next year.

The district has seen additional increases in and shifting around of staffing between last year and this year.

Plans that the School Board has to implement in the near future include the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the Whole Child initiative.  

The UDL is a set of curriculum changes designed to give students more equal opportunities to learn.  Its goal is to be flexible enough to fit any student’s specific needs by presenting information in different ways, planning ahead, and stimulating interest.   Whole Child is similar, focusing on broad academic achievement and long-term development.  Both are in progress in the Tumwater School District.

When the Board opened the floor for public comment, Black Hills senior Kristofer Wong gave a report for the recently-requested BHHS/THS boys’ swim team.  He stated that the interest for this team was over thirty boys from Black Hills alone. However, he continued, part of the Title Nine law requires for there to be equal amounts of male and female sports.  The only sport available to girls at this time is gymnastics, which according to Wong has a school-wide interest of eight.  The school board assured him that they would consider the proposal for new boys’ swim and girls’ gymnastics teams.

By Fiona McBride, Editor


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