No P.A.C.K./FLEX Thursdays

For the 2016-’17 school year, BHHS has adopted a new policy and schedule change for all students and teachers, which was proposed and approved by a specific group of teachers and  BHHS Sight Base Management team.

Many students were unaware and startled by the new changes when the school year began. The policy was brought up by science and math teachers who wanted more time for labs and testing. It is unclear if no P.A.C.K./FLEX Thursday’s will continue into future years here at BHHS. The continuation of this policy will depend on the transformation of students grades, and how the student body feels about the change. Some students have even petitioned to have the scheduling changed, but if it is effective in the academics department, then the schedule will most likely continue into future school years here at BHHS.

I met with BHHS Principal, Mr. Dave Myers, and asked a few questions about the schedule change. He claimed that, “our building is under what is called ‘Sight Base Management’.” This is a group of teachers, parents, and typically students, although in this case there were not any because the decision was made in the summer months. “Also, there is a department coordinator team, made up of leaders from each subject in the school. “The sight team is elected by the staff, and parents can join as well.” Currently, there are two parent representatives on the sight team and “When the decision regarding Thursday’s schedule was debated, we met and discussed the data of how the P.A.C.K. schedule has worked in the past, and we felt like it wasn’t working as well as it could. We felt as though it was a punishment for the kids, rather than a help.” Mr. Myers claimed.

Although many students are not fond of the new schedule, the staff, administration and parents realize the change will be more effective for students’ academics and getting help in areas they may struggle. It is still undetermined if we will see this scheduling in any future school years, here at BHHS. In my opinion, what they have decided is best for the students and should remain how they are this year, if the data shows improvement.

By Emily Perkins


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