ASB Meeting

On September 26, 2016, Black Hills High School had an ASB meeting to discuss upcoming events.  ASB officers, ASB representatives, and other students talked about Homecoming, Homecoming spirit week, school board meetings, new Black Hills Wolves merchandise, and club approvals.  Anyone is welcome to sit in or share ideas at the monthly ASB meetings!

In the September ASB meeting, several upcoming events were discussed.  First off, Homecoming, spirit week, and school board meetings were addressed.  Ally Fourtner announced that the Homecoming theme would be “Haunted Homecoming” and Christian Williams explained how students would vote for the most wanted spirit day themes during lunch on an online poll.  Students could vote on their phones or on any computer.  After that, Ally Remy talked about enrollment in other schools and mentioned the opening of the new and improved Peter G. Schmidt.  The School Board meets once a month.  

Later in the meeting, Jordan Tarrow presented a Powerpoint of school merchandise that her and her leadership committee created.  The students in the meeting gave their opinions on which shirts they liked and chose which ones to order.  A freshman student, Sir Carter, asked if the school could create a breast cancer shirt for people to buy to have at an assembly or football game dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  Jordan agreed that would be a great way to show support for people with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors.  

In addition, new clubs that had presented themselves at the Club Fair needed to be approved.  One of the new clubs at Black Hills is Wuzcat Nation, made by Rachel “Wuzcat” Morgan and advised by Ms. Buechner.  The club is an anti-bullying group that celebrates and welcomes all differences.  Another new club is a Prayer Group made by Lea Prandi and advised by Ms. Larson.  The Prayer Group is a safe environment for religious activity.  Additionally, a Themed Improvisational Arts club was made by Lucy Mies and Parker Henson and advised by Mr. Henderson.  The T.I.A. club’s purpose is to help students learn the comfort of acting and on the spot thinking.  Last but not least, Robert Veria-Means created an Action Sports club advised by TK Veria-Means.  The club will participate in non-traditional sports like biking, long-boarding, skateboarding, and more outside of school.  If you are interested in any of these clubs, talk to the advisors or members of the club and join them on club days!

By Brianna Manikhoth



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