Award Winning Black Hills Marching Band Performs “The Giving Tree”

The Black Hills High School Marching Band Presents The Giving Tree for the 2016 season. The band performed at the the Silverdale Marching Band Competition, The Everett Marching Band Competition, and hosted their own competition at The Tumwater Marching Band Festival.

The Black Hills High School Marching Band hosted the 10th Annual Tumwater Marching Band Festival on October 8th to raise money for the school’s musical program. 18 other marching bands came to compete at the Tumwater District Stadium. Black Hills performed as an exhibition band to improve for future competitions since they were the hosts of the festival. Although the rainy weather took away from the exciting atmosphere of the day, the band still raised about $4000 for the music program. Earlier in the season, on September 24th, the Black Hills Marching Band tied for first place at the Silverdale Marching Band Competition at Olympic High School, defeating 10 other bands. This year’s marching band performance is The Giving Tree, based off the book by Shel Silverstein. The story is about a boy and an apple tree who loves him and eventually gives the boy all she has until the tree is nothing left but a stump. The band brings this story to life by creating a life sized tree that disassembles throughout each of the three movements just as it does in the book, along with Pacific Hobick, who portrays the young boy.

The last competition of the season was in Everett at Everett Memorial Stadium. After scoring a 68.88 in preliminary competition, they continued on to finals later that evening. The band ended up taking 11th place, but they were placed in the AAA division because of the bands large size.

This year’s drum majors are Emma Lindemeier, Brendan Lynch, and Kaitlyn Monaco. A drum major is a conductor of the marching band. “We have to prepare a lot of equipment for rehearsals, keep time steady, and keep the woodwinds, and the percussion on and off the field all together,” says Emma. These well disciplined drum majors are a key factor in the band’s success, working alongside the band director Andrew Landowski.

The Black Hills Marching Band has been an award winning band for several years. The band puts in the work during their three hour long practices, not including the hour long class during the school day, and individual practice at home. Their hard work to represent Black Hills well is a quality characteristic all students wish to have.    

By Meghan Reichert


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