Productive Apps For Students

By Max Parker, Tech Editor

For many of us, our smartphones have become a part of our schoolwork. To help you be more productive, The Wolf Crier has compiled a list of the best apps for High School Students.

Scanbot Pro (Free, Paid Upgrades)


Best way to digitize docs with your smartphone.

I know I’m not the only one who takes a picture of a worksheet or the whiteboard before class is out for later reference. That’s why the first app all Black Hills High School students should download is Scanbot. Scanbot is an app that transforms images from your smartphone camera to what looks like a professionally scanned PDF. This is especially useful for saving a copy of textbook pages if you like to do your homework away from home or in the car. However, what makes this app special is that regardless of the angle you take the picture, it will still align your document straight on and adjust the colors. It works so well that you can even print out these scans and they resemble an actual copy. With the free version, users are limited to basic scanning and on-device storage. For most people, the free functions will be more than enough. If you want to import pictures later, you can also scan photos from your camera roll. I’ve been testing the paid version of Scanbot for several months and the most useful feature is the text recognition of your scans. The advantage of this being that you can find keywords in scanned pages of a textbook for example.

If you’re not willing to spend the extra money to upgrade from the free version of Scanbot, there are other scanner apps that I found to be sleek and user-friendly.

Free Options:

Scannable by Evernote

Dropbox (Scanner included)

IOS Download Android Download

Glympse (Free)


Tell people when you arrive.

With all the ways to share your location, I’ve found Glympse to be the most intuitive solution. Glympse is an app that will share your current location via an active link that you can send to anyone with an iPhone, Android, or Computer. I’ve found this particularly useful when meeting up with a friend or for letting my family know I’m on my way home late at night. In addition to sharing your current location, Glympse allows you to set an expiration on your location. There are two kinds of expirations on your location: time limits, location expirations. Time limits will only share your location for a preset amount of time while location limits will end your session once you reach a specific place. If you have specified an end location, others will be able to see your estimated time of arrival at any given point. The only quirk in this app is the default option to share your speed. If you decide to take Glympse for a trial run, you might want to disable speed sharing, as I found it to be a little creepy.

IOS Download Android Download

Passible (Free)


Stores Passwords

If you can’t remember your passwords this app is going to be a great addition to your home screen. Passible is a simple, but essential utility for your iPhone. Most of us have dozens of passwords for all of our internet accounts. Passible helps you track all these passwords in one safe location. To enter your password bank, simply rest your finger on your iPhone’s Touch ID and you’re in! Passible allows you to quickly peek at your passwords without fully opening an entry, however, if you do open up your account page, you will be able to copy your password to the clipboard by just taping it. In addition to storing your passwords, this app will save your username, login page, email, and other notes. If you have a debit or credit card, this app will also keep cards on a separate page for easy reference. If you are at all nervous about the security of this app, you don’t have to worry. The app uses 256bit encryption which rivals most mobile app security. And even if you decide to delete this app, you are given the option to export a locked file of all your passwords.

IOS Download Only

Inbox (Free)


Best email client for students.

Google Inbox is a unique service that not many people are using. Unfortunately, people just don’t know about it yet. Google Inbox is a service extending Gmail by Google that overhauls the idea of organizing your inbox. I’ve been using Inbox for about one year, and I love it. The service makes it much easier to go through your email by bundling it into different categories in your inbox. You can quickly swipe a bundle or an individual email to delete it, or you can snooze it to come back another time. In addition to those two core functions, Inbox allows you to set reminders based on an email or even pull out dates and times and automatically add them to your Google calendar. I’m amazed at the simplicity and intuitiveness of the iPhone and Android’s app interfac. You can also access the website by going to If you’re already using Gmail, you don’t have to set anything up. Google will migrate your Gmail account over with no hiccups. Even after the migration, there is still an option to check your Gmail with the old interface and layout. The only caveat with Google Inbox is that it’s not readily available for sign up. You must request an invitation from Google and then wait for your acceptance. It only took about one week for me, so it’s not a huge burden.

IOS Download Android Download (Free)


Unsubscribe with one click.

I know many students (especially upperclassmen) have clogged up their inboxes with college emails. My personal email might receive dozens of solicitations from colleges across the country that I might not be interested in. Although it’s great to keep an open mind, I’m tired of these emails! is the perfect solution for mass unsubscribing. If you have not done so already, I suggest going to and plugging in your email to see what happens. is by far the easiest way to see all your subscriptions and unsubscribe with one tap. This utility will show all the emails that are associated with a subscription and allow you to unsubscribe, keep, or roll up. If you decide to roll up an email subscription, you will get one email per day containing all your roll ups. After going through your emails once, this service becomes quite manageable to check every couple months or whenever you come across an email you don’t want in your inbox. is free to access via or the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

IOS Download Website (No Android App)

Uber (Free)


Great way to explore without parking.

Most people know about Uber, but I don’t know many people who use it. Last weekend, I downloaded the Uber app in downtown Portland, and there was no going back. This service is so helpful! After comparing Uber to a taxi service, I found myself more impressed with the Uber experience. The cars are nice, the drivers are friendly, and the whole process feels safe! I highly recommend setting up Uber on your phone and skipping the stress of city driving and parking. Uber is directly linked to your credit card or your iTunes account and charges you a predetermined about of money based on your location and the destination. If your driver spends more time in traffic or takes a wrong turn, you won’t be charged extra. In every case, I never waited more than 2 minutes for my Uber to arrive. All in all, the experience costs about the same as a taxi, except you’re getting a much more user-friendly way to travel. Check out Uber next time you find yourself in a big city, and you’ll be surprised at how many Ubers are ready to serve!

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unnamed (1).png

Send & receive $ from peers.

This app could be the simplest app on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not resourceful! Cash is a minimalistic app that allows you to send money to your peers. When you open the app, there will only be a keypad and two buttons that are labeled “send” and “request.” The idea of this app is to enter an amount of money and send it or request it from a friend. Cash offers a much more secure, clean method of paying a friend back after an outing at the movies or even sending them money for their birthday. There are no transaction fees for sending money, and the app will link directly to your checking account for easy withdrawal and depositing. After testing this app for a few months now, I feel very secure using it. The app requires my Touch ID before any transaction is made, ensuring that I’m the only one that can use it. The only trouble I’ve run into while using this app is that very few people know about this utility, so there are plenty of individuals who have to install this app before it becomes useful. In addition to its popularity, students will have to have a debit card or at minimum a checking account to use this app. This probably means that only upperclassman will be able to use this app, but it’s something to keep in mind for college.

IOS Download Android Download


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