Cowboy Bowden


Cowboy Bowden posing for a portrait in Visual Communications.

(Photo: Chase Morrow/BHHS)

Learn more about fellow student, Alex Bowden, also known as “Cowboy Bowden.”

Known for his contagious laugh and sarcastic personality, Alex Bowden, a current Black Hills senior, gives an inside scoop about himself. Alex has attended Black Lake Elementary and Tumwater Middle School. Bowden is quite active in the community, and has been involved in sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball since he was five years old. Not only is Alex a student athlete on the field, Alex is quite often seen in the stands getting rowdy and cheering on Black Hills at local sporting events. His favorite thing about Black Hills High School is how close he is with almost everyone. In his free time Bowden enjoys hanging out with friends, going to Boomshaka, and snowboarding. When asked in a recent interview about how he got the nickname “Cowboy Bowden,” Alex replied “I’m associated with a cowboy because I can be quite adventurous and wild at times. Whenever there is an American spirit day, I get hyped to show my patriotism and school spirit by wearing my cowboy hat and the American flag as a cape. I also really enjoy listening to country music. My friends began calling me Cowboy Bowden, and it has stuck with me ever since.” Alex’s post high school plans is to attend Washington State University and major in business.

By: Jon Truong


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