Door Decorating Contest

Every year, around the holidays at Black Hills High School, all classrooms are encouraged to enter in the door decorating contest. A few staff members of BHHS are selected to be the judges of the door decorating each year. Last year, for 2015, Mr. Gibbons won the door decorating contest, sporting a math themed candy land, designed mainly by Nicole Waldron, a BHHS Senior.

I have talked with Nicole, via email , and asked her a few questions about the victory she took last year, alongside Mr. Gibbons. When asked where she got the inspiration for the door, she claimed, “I thought of using a board game as the general theme of the door, and then picked Candyland because I thought that there was a lot of creative opportunity that could be really fun.” Nicole thinks her design was so successful because, “the different details throughout the different sections of the board. There were many of different pieces that took some time to complete because there were so many different small things to finish.” She did a fantastic job pulling the themes from the board game and the classrooms daily classes together, making a beautiful masterpiece winning first place for 2015 at BHHS .

You could probably take this out

At the end, try to summarize the article better. Add when 2016’s door decorating contest begins, what the prize is and why we do it. Or you can even add it to the introduction. Speak of how its judged on


Mr. Mike Gibbons and Nicole Waldron in front of the 2015 door decoration winner.

Photo Credit: Angel Davis, BHHS Journalism

By Emily Perkins


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