Hey Y’all, We’ve Got a Math Center!

It is well known amongst us all that mathematics is not the easiest subject to understand, and indeed many students struggle significantly with the subject. The statistical report of school-wide grade point averages shows a sharp drop in students’ grades in mathematics in comparison to other subject areas, which is of great concern to our renowned math department. Their desires and intentions, contrary to popular theory, is not to overload students with homework and projects, and then laugh gleefully at our failed test scores, but rather to give us the content we must learn and do all that they can to help us succeed. This is why they organized the math center.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:15 to 3:15 after school, the math pod is open to all students seeking help in this difficult subject. Our math teachers have arranged for a significant number of peer tutors (students like you) to help out on each of these days, to answer any and all questions that you might have, and to help you with the crazy homework assignments that we all get. It’s free math help for an hour after school each Tuesday and Thursday!

As a tutor myself, I can see the impact that it makes in students’ lives. People come into the math center wanting to get their work done, believing that it is impossible for them to understand the concept, and yet they leave with a much firmer grasp of that concept than they thought was possible for them. The progress that they make in their understanding is incredible! And their increase in grades and test scores will soon follow.

So please remember, if you are struggling in math, don’t just fall on the table and sleep in frustration! Come to the math center! We are ready, willing, and happy to help you improve your grade and understanding of mathematics! See you on Tuesday and Thursday!

By Quinton Platter


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