The Staff have spirit

On Friday, December 2nd, the staff showed the school just how much spirit they had at the annual staff led assembly. I had the opportunity to meet up with Mr. Franklin before the assembly and he expressed how excited he was to be in the assembly. He participated in the free throw competition and showed off his Gonzaga University basketball skills, just like old times. Mr. Gonzales surprised us all with his great vocal chords as he started the assembly off with the National Anthem. The staff cheer team came out with great energy and really got the crowd into it. Mr. Meyers, a stupendous cheerleader, showed off his upper body strength and did push ups at center court, just like our own Cody Grondin does at football games. The staff dance team swung their partner round-and-round and looked like they were having a lot of fun. During role call, the sophomores took the win and earned some more paws for their class. The next assembly is the winter sports assembly on December 9th.

By Taylor Patti


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