Two Book Reviews

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

The fictional story of life after the Second Civil War, The Heartland War. The involved three factions include: the Pro-Choice War, the Pro-Life War and what is left of the U.S. Military. During peace talks, the U.S. Military proposes a solution that is designed to satisfy both the Life Army and the Choice Brigade.  Their final settlement: the Bill of Life, which ends abortion but allows parents to choose to have their children “unwound” between ages 13 and 18. “Unwinding” is the transplanting of every part of the teens’ bodies, with the belief that you’re still alive in a divided state. Which makes it acceptable in society. 335 pages

By Daniel Caranci

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds

What Quinn witnessed outside the store on the day Rashad was pummeled by a police officer shook him to his core for many reasons. The cop was his friend, his coach, a father figure after Quinn’s dad died in Afghanistan. What does he do as a bystander who is also a  friend of the cop and his son? Two boys, same high school, and one lies in the hospital recovering from the injuries of police brutality.  This is a powerful, poignant story that resonates with our current climate of bruised race relations and the tension between police and the African-American community.  It is an important read yes, but the plot is compelling as well, so a good selection for all students.  310 pages

By Ms. Nickerson


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