Veterans Day Assembly

Mr.Heywood’s sixth period class, Advanced theater, gladly put on this year’s Veteran’s Day assembly on Thursday, November 10. The students performed a live action performance of veteran Bryan Turner‘s poem he had written about his time serving and his family’s time serving. Mr. Heywood and the students worked for two weeks to put the assembly together, doing everything from picking poems, working on lighting, and performing the pieces. The students did everything.

Each student had their own way of preparing for the assembly. Some of the performers had to recite their poems to their family to better work on their delivery and to give their take on what the poem means. Some recited it in the mirror, others put themselves in the set of the soldiers. The students in the class spent two weeks reciting the poems as a class and alone.

The students were pleased with the way the performance was done. They felt like the story truly depicted to the audience what the soldiers went through during their battles, what struggles their families faced while they were gone, and what changes took place when they returned. They hoped to inspire the students meanwhile giving them a new perspective on what war is really like and hopefully inspired them.

Veterans Day means supporting and thanking those who have served. Thanking those who’ve fought for our country and our rights our rights, and us as a country. Some students came from a family filled with relatives in all branches of military. Some want to enter the military to keep on the tradition and fight for their country.


(Photo Credits: Angel Davis)

By Angel Davis


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