BHHS Student Shoutouts

Freshman Nick Bovenkamp says, “Shout out to Ronnie Vader because he is my spirit animal!”

Freshman Jordyn Bender says, “I would like to give a shout out to my big sister Jewel Bender. She drives me everywhere, and has let me do many things this year with her and her friends. She also lets me wear a lot of her clothes and tells me everything I want to know, like all the juicy high school details. Love you Jewel. Hit her up she’s a good one!” Look at that sisterly love.

Freshman Zach Crumley says, “Shout out to Bryce Kincy for leaving my on read on every day.”

Freshman Avery Armin says, “Shout out to Gabe Wright for being really cool even though he’s so quiet.”

Freshman Aquiles Villanueva says, “Shout out to Isaiah Armento for giving me oreos.”

Sophomore Kianna Lemasters would like to give a shout out to fellow sophomore Madi Shepler. She said, “We have the most classes together and we are always goofing around, having fun with each other.”

Sophomore Lauren Sayahod says, “Shout out to Bella Hughes for good hugs.”

Sophomore Maisy Williams would like to give a shout out to her fellow basketball teammate Natania Serhan. Maisy said, “Shout out to Natania for helping me make new friends.” That is what we like to see here at BHHS. It is always nice to make new friends.

Sophomore Ethan Loveless would like to say, “Shout out to Jacob Nelson for his friendliness and for always doing the right thing.”

Sophomore Jacob Nelson says, “Shout out to Nate Brosio for working hard. He is always lifting, eating good and staying on top of his homework. He does the things others aren’t willing to do.”

Sophomore Kennedi Greenfield says, “Shout out to Ethan Loveless for being nice.”

Junior Kade Weitzel says, “Shout out to Owen Oniskey because he’s a good man.”

Junior Gunnar Nelson says, “Shout out to Sam Whipple because he is always so kind to everyone and is supportive of anyone’s hobbies or interests. Sam has been one of my best friends since elementary school and he has always been an all-around great person!”

Junior Owen Oniskey says, “Shout out to Bemnet Lester because he is my brother.”

Junior Bemnet Lester says, “Shout out to Andrew Wilmoth because he has a nice cut.”

Junior Joe Crumley says, “Shout out to Nate Kindell for always being positive and energetic.”

Senior Rachel LaBelle says, “Shout out to Alex Bowden for always making people laugh and for having a funny laugh.”

Senior Conner Furu says, “Shout out to Nate Kindell for always having a good attitude and spreading good vibes.” Keep up the good work, Nate!

Senior Ezra Bonillas says, “Shout out to Tanner Lundsford for his academic drive.”

Senior Emma Duff says, “Shout out to Rachel LaBelle for that nice three-point percentage!” Senior wing Rachel LaBelle, number 12, makes just about every three-pointer she takes. Keep ballin, Rachel!

Senior Kira Fredricks wants to give a quick shout out to her favorite teacher. “Shout out to Mr. Cutler for being a chemistry teacher.”

Senior Sydney Sims says, “Shout out to Emma Duff for writing my peer letter of recommendation for Dartmouth!”

Senior Taylor Patti says, “Shout out to Tristan Gardner for always being friendly and helping me in US History junior year.”

Senior Austen Daisa says, “Shout out to Kyler Nygren for being nice and having a good attitude.”

Senior Jaycee Miller says, “Shout out to Taylor Patti for being such a great friend to me.”

Senior Nate Kindell would like to give a special three-part shout out. He said, “Shout out to Conner Furu, young bull, for showin love every day. Shout out to Emma Duff for being the best. And shout out to Joe Crumley for always being positive.”




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