Interview with a Black Hills Alumnus

Jack Steele is a 19-year old BHHS alumnus who graduated in 2015.

OS: Where are you now, Jack?

JS: Like, right now?

OS: No, like in life, like you know, college and stuff.

JS: Oh, college and stuff. I am a sophomore studying chemical engineering at The Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.

OS: So, why MSU?

JS: I chose MSU due to its prestigious academics, combined with its affordable price tag, making it a good option over other schools of similar academic prestige, such as Oregon State and University of WA.

OS: Okay, and what career are you aiming for?

JS: I’d love to do something with synthetic tissue growth, or, um, medicine, medical technology, something like that.

OS: So why that particular career?

JS: It just bugs me to see people that have, such potential ahead of them, like who could be going on to get a full-ride scholarship where they might not be able to afford that college or something, only to have that athletic avenue taken away by an ACL tear, or a bone that didn’t heal properly, limiting that avenue and just taking away their shot for success. I believe that if I can help give these people another chance, another shot, people deserve second chances. I want to make it so people can get them.

OS: All right! How has college life treated you so far?

JS: Hmm, college life, it’s been pretty good. Bozeman’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere so it’s easier to focus on studying academics than going to concerts or sporting events, so that’s been a big plus out there.

OS: What is something you wish someone had told you when you were at BHHS and why?

JS: I’d definitely say if you’re on the fence about doing a sport, just do it, don’t let your hesitations or monetary concerns hold you back. There’s always going to be some way, there’s waivers, there’s scholarships that can help, payment plans, so if something’s a concern, just talk to your advisor or coach or whatever it is about what’s holding you back from doing something they would go out of their way to help you get it done.

OS: What is a piece of advice for current BHHS students concerning college?

JS: Apply early, apply often, and even if you’re hesitant about your chances, just apply, because you never know where you’re going to get in and where you’re not. If you do get waitlisted, don’t be afraid to take that spot on the waitlist, I know some people think waitlist means hard no, but I’ve known a couple of people who’ve gotten into a pretty good program just a couple months after most others just due to the waitlist.

OS: What is a fond or funny memory of when you were at BHHS?

JS: I’d definitely have to say, soccer practice my junior year. We were doing warm ups and the coach decides to use that bathroom while we were all doing a run. So people aren’t too happy with him for starting the day off with a five-mile run, so, Garrett Nelson decides it’s a great idea to haul off and hit the Porta-Potty as hard as he can with a soccer ball from ten yards away while the coach was in there. Yeah, it was fun until we had to run for the entirety of practice that day.

OS: Thank you Jack.

JS: Deuces.

OS: Deuces?

JS: Deuces.
OS: Deuces.

Interview by Olivia Steele


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