Door Decorating Contest 2016

The Friday before winter break, the winners of the door decorating contest for winter 2016 were announced. The main office, attendance, and counseling offices tied for the first place over the entire school. As for individual classrooms, Ms. Linn, out of Room 202, took third place. Mrs. Buechner, out of Room 117, won second place. As for the first place of classes, there was a tie between Ms. Zvirzdin-Wood, Room 110, and Mr. Gallagher, Room 111. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all others that participated and created entertainment and a beautiful sight for the entire school to see.

The main office, attendance and counseling offices did a theme of Elf, the movie, featuring Mrs. Bender as an Elf, in the attendance office, doing the splits with a lovely background of skyscrapers. The counseling center recreated the scene of Buddy the Elf preparing to welcome Santa with a sign reading, ‘Santa is coming! I know him!’ Along with an abundance of snowflakes of all sorts, paper and plastic alike. The whole scene was full of happiness and entertainment for all who passed the scene. On the door, there was a giant bow along with stockings saying “Career Center” to sum up the holiday look.

And the individual classroom tie for first place created an amazing igloo outside of the two classes. Inside the igloo, there were snowflakes and lights. The igloo blocked out most outside light from the pods, creating a nice effect with the Christmas tree lights inside that twinkled.

By Emily Perkins



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