Matt’s Advice

Dear Matt: My significant other has been upset lately because they feel that I should have to be with them if I go to a party. They never want to go out or do anything, they just want to sit around the house all the time. I am too social to just sit around all the time, but they get really mad when I go to parties without them. I’m not sure how to handle this.

This has been proven to be a very touchy subject in high school. A lot of relationships have been seen where the boyfriend or girlfriend feels that the other should have to check with them before going to a party or stay with that significant other while at a party, there are a lot of feelings to consider. There should be trust in a relationship of course, and if your significant other feels that you shouldn’t be at a party without them you should look at your actions at a party. Are you too flirty with other people? Do you disappear at a party for long periods of time? Or are you constantly conversing with someone else without paying any attention to your significant other? If this is the case then I’m sure your significant other feels that in the atmosphere of a party he or she might be irrelevant and if anyone were in that place of feeling irrelevant it is hard to imagine them wanting to go out to a party.

By Matthew Taylor


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