Playoff Picture

As the season came to an end this week it’s time for the playoffs and to see what teams will make it to the super bowl. Four teams with a 1st round bye are the Patriots 14-2-0 with the number 1 seed in the AFC and the 12-4-0 Chiefs are the number 2 seed in the AFC. In the AFC wild card you have the 11-5-0 Steelers with home field and the number 3 seed playing against the 10-6-0 Dolphins. As the 9-7-0 Texans with home field sitting at the 4th seed facing off against the 12-4-0 Raiders sitting at the 5th seed. The Lowest seed winner will be playing the Patriots and the highest seed winner will be playing against the Chiefs. My predictions for the AFC is that the Texans will play the Patriots and the Steelers will be playing the Chiefs. The only reason I will be taking the Texans is that Dereck Carr is out of this game with a leg injury, I don’t think that their offense if good enough to move on. In the next round I think the Patriots will win and the Steelers will win and play in the AFC championship. The AFC team I think that will make it to the super bowl is the Patriots.

Now for the NFC. The 13-3-0 Cowboys are sitting at the number 1 seed with a first round bye and has home field through the playoffs which could be a big factor. The 11-5-0 Falcons are sitting at the number 2 seed with a first round bye and first game home field. In the wildcard you have the 10-5-1 Seahawks with the number 3 seed and home field playing the 9-7-0 Lions who made it in with the 6th seed. The 10-6 packers made a late season strike to earn themselves a 4th seed and home field going up against the 11-5 Giants with the 5th seed. I think that the Seahawks will beat the Lions and the Packers will take down the Giants. The Packers will then have to play the Cowboys and the Seahawks will have to go against the Falcons. In these rounds I think that the Packers will play against the Seahawks and the Packers will be playing in the Patriots in the super bowl. The 2017 super bowl champions should be the Patriots!

To see more for yourself and to check to see if my predictions are correct you can click on the link below and see how the playoff picture looks.

By Alex Bowden



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