Dale Reeves!

Dale Reeves has been a teacher at Black Hills for 20 years, one of the few teachers that have been here since the school opened. At Black Hills he teaches leadership and is in charge of instructing students, in grades 9-12, to model a leadership role to the whole school.

Reeves attended Western Washington University after he graduated high school and earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership. When asked why he decided to become a teacher he replied, “I wanted the ability to leave a legacy and change the world for the better.

“My philosophy has always been ‘Always help and to never hurt’, so it seemed like a great fit.”

Mr. Reeves’s number one priority at Black Hills is for himself to make a difference, along with getting other students to want to make a difference at our school. He teaches his leadership students to be a leader in the school, not a follower. During an interview, Reeves was asked what the hardest and easiest thing about teaching Leadership.

“The hardest thing is multi-tasking with numerous projects occurring at the same time, which makes me feel like I’m losing control of the situation.” With these types of situations, Mr. Reeves has learned to trust his students and trust that they know what they are doing. Reeves stated the easier thing about teaching Leadership was having the ability to allow great students an avenue to achieve meaning results.

Reeves is the type of teacher that any student can talk to about anything and feel supported by him. He’s the type of teacher that wants to make every student feel welcomed and safe at our school. He loves to empower students to find their true passions in life and encourages students to act on them. Reeves wants to help every student to achieve their goals in life.

During his interview, Mr. Reeves shared that a man in Salt Lake City, James Boyd, has been his mentor. He explains, “He is an inspiring self-taught businessman, who always strives to give back to his community and makes a difference in the lives of others.”

To some in our community, Dale Reeves of Tumwater might be their James Boyd of Salt Lake City. Not only does Reeves strive to give back to his community, but he also wants to give back to our school. He considers all ideas students present and even implements the unique ideas. Ideas used are not just from upper classmen, some are from freshman and sophomores. He sees that all grade levels have great ideas and he believes their ideas matter. He sees opportunity in all grades to assume a leadership role and embrace it.

Most students know Mr. Reeves as being the leadership teacher 24/7 but what most students might not know is that he is an avid yoga participant at Tumwater Valley. He also enjoys investing in the stock market, real estate, and playing and coaching golf.

All teachers want to have a legacy or to be remembered in a certain way. His statement to this was, “I want to be remembered as someone who has always given all to his family, Black Hills, and the great Tumwater Community.”

By Taylor Elliott


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