Latest Trends


Today in the media, there are several ways teenagers attempt to be funny. Memes are one of the most commonly ways to communicate how people feel about certain situations. These are generally supposed to be comedic with a witty caption followed by a popular or identifiable photo with an implied meaning. Some of most popular memes are Mr. Krabs, Kermit the Frog, Gavin, Pepe, and most recently, Salt Bae. Most teens use apps like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat to communicate with each other and post pictures or videos. ___% of Black Hills students say they prefer to use__.


Popular 90’s trends are starting to make a comeback and many millennials are picking up on them. Celebrities like Rihanna are now sporting updated styles of chokers. Scrunchies are also making a comeback as a convenient and cute way to tie up your hair that is an upgrade from just a regular hair tie. Another popular trend, inspired by Kylie Jenner, are matte lipsticks. Kylie even sells her own line of liquid lipsticks. Yet another Kylie inspired trend is coffin style nails.

TV Shows

With the recent increase in shows on Netflix and on demand features, TV shows have become a preferred way to immerse yourself in multiple different stories. Shows like The Office and Friends are at the top of the list of the most mainstream comedies on television. The Office features Steve Carell as the good-willed boss who often offends his employees with rude jokes and ill humor, but despite this, is extremely funny to watch.  If you are into comedy, you might also enjoy Friends, a show about; guess what, a group of friends in Manhattan who experience jobs issues and comedic and romantic drama. If you are into more intense or science fiction type shows, you would like the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead follows the intense story of a group a survivors in a zombie apocalypse who constantly face dictator-like enemies who try to take control while they are trying to find a permanent, safe home. Breaking Bad is a thriller crime story about a high school chemistry teacher who has inoperable lung cancer and resorts to making and selling crystal meth to secure his family’s finances before he dies. One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl appeal to teenage girls because of the romantic and social drama. One Tree Hill is show about two high school brothers who play basketball and their everyday struggles as teenagers. Gossip Girl is a show about elite teens in New York City and their social drama, which is spread by the anonymous screen user “Gossip Girl”. The Bachelor is a reality TV show that also plays off its drama-filled content. It follows a bachelor who is trying to find a wife and eliminates contestants one by one until he finds the one he wants to be with. This show also has the Bachelorette version where a woman tries to find a man.


Dutch Bros is known as one of the best local coffee shops in the Puget Sound area. Many teens have to drive all the way to Lacey just to get a delicious coffee. Another popular food is MOD pizza. Originating in downtown Seattle, there are now several MOD pizzas around the United State and even in the UK. They are known for their super-fast service and the prices stays the same no matter what toppings you choose. If you have not heard, there is a new Sonic in Olympia, next to Haggen. Sonic is a fast food restaurant where you can park your car and order from individual stalls whenever you please. They are most famously known for their fast service and carhops who deliver your food to you on roller-skates.

By Meghan Reichert


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