Sadie’s Prep

Dance committee is hard at work to prepare this year’s Sadies. Head Social chair Ally Fourtner and her crew Elle Hirotaka, Taylor Reed, Emily Dobson, Kayley Moloney, and Rachel LaBelle are going to make a dance that will rock your world. Ally says “Sadies is a great tradition and fun activity at Black Hills. It’s a casual themed event and historically is a girl ask boy dance but of course everyone is welcome!”

The dance will be on February 11 from 8-10:30 pm. This year’s theme is rock n’ roll, so if you’ll be attending be sure to wear your best rock outfit but make sure it’s appropriate! For girls this could look like boots with fishnet leggings, appropriate length shorts, a rock band t shirt, and crimped hair in a pony. Guys could wear jeans with a band t-shirt or a leather jacket with either a bandana or just messy hair. Dressing up and going all out makes it more fun, so make sure you participate.

When you enter the dance near the commons, it will be like you’re walking down an old brick alleyway that would be outside a little venue that a concert would be at with a bunch of famous rock bands concert posters lining the walls. As you enter the concert venue you will see some pretty iconic bands on the wall with great lighting. You can even go backstage as a VIP. Then you’ll finally walk through the doors to where the stage is where there will be some great music by an amazing DJ with some cool lights almost as if you’re at an actual rock n’ roll concert.

Although the dance probably sounds just like all the other dances, this year, especially this dance, the school is working hard to end all grinding. They have been working at this for a while but after this year’s homecoming the dance contract was officially changed. The new rule will be only front to front dancing and absolutely no grinding. No, this doesn’t mean you can dance like they do on the movie “Dirty Dancing.” So far there has been lots of feedback that this change to the contract is going to really affect this dance’s turnout. We don’t want the numbers to drop because dances bring in so much money for our school. So try not to let this new rule ruin your fun!

By Rachel LaBelle


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