Senior Advice to freshmen

Q: As a freshman, should I be worried about my grades and GPA? Do they even matter?

A: As a freshman, grades and GPA do matter. You don’t want to be making up your freshman year because you weren’t being serious about it or thought it didn’t matter. If you handle yourself earlier in high school, later will be easier. Your requirements will be fulfilled sooner, meaning you can have more electives. Keeping your GPA up can have benefits, such as first in line for lunch cards and getting into colleges.

Q: Are AP classes worth the time, effort, and money?

A: Most definitely! AP classes are nothing to be afraid of. There is extra work on your own time, so if you have a busy schedule, AP may not be the best class for you. If you don’t put the time in, outside of class, you may not even pass the class, and if it’s a required class, you’ll be dropped, placed in another class, and have to remake that failed credit.

Q: If I’m scared to ask my teachers for class help, who can I go to?

A; Go to that class’ teacher. Always. You may be scared, nervous, or embarrassed to ask for help, but put those feelings aside. Your grade is important and understanding concepts can be very important for your high school career and afterwards. If you struggle with a teacher’s’ teaching style, and are more comfortable with another teacher from the same department, you can always go talk with them and see if they may be able to help you understand. Everyone has a different learning/teaching style and hearing the same thing from another person can always help to understand a little better.

Q: Should I take a foreign language early on or later on in high school, or even at all?

A: Personally, it was easier to knock out two years of a foreign language early. If you think it’s too much for you right now, then it’s probably not the right time. Take your time and don’t push yourself too hard at any point in your high school career. Going into a four year University directly out of high school does require having at least two years of a foreign language so consider your post-high school plan as well.

By Emily Perkins


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