Women’s March On Washington

On January 21st, the day after Donald Trump is inaugurated into Presidential Office, a Women’s March will be going on in Washington D.C.  The rally is at 10:00 AM and the march starts at 1:15 PM.  The Women’s March is not a ticketed event and anyone is welcome to walk.

The Women’s March idea came to life after the recent Presidential Election.  The election has created a new fear among immigrants, people of color, individuals of all religions, disabled people, and women.  The March’s purpose is to demand equality for all and embrace the diversity in the United States.  The people attending the Women’s March intend to send a strong message to the government by protesting human rights and pushing for justice for minorities.  This event will make a strong statement the day after President-elect, Donald Trump, is inaugurated.

Participants of the Women’s March will walk for their intense beliefs of ending violence, reproductive rights, and LGBT+ rights.  In the past year or so, violence has become a serious issue in America.  With police brutality, riots, racial profiling, and inequities in the criminal justice system, the United States is close to being racially divided.  Additionally, because Donald Trump and Congress want to cut Planned Parenthood, reproductive freedom has become an issue.  Quality healthcare services for sex and reproduction like birth control, HIV/AIDS prevention, and medically accurate sex education may be cut when the President-elect takes office.  Furthermore, The Women’s March participants are demanding equality for all sexualities and believe in being free from gender norms and stereotypes.  All genders, sexualities, and races are welcome to walk.

In addition, Marchers are also walking for worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.  These people believe that voting, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and equal treatment is a birthright, no matter your race, gender, or sexuality.  They are pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment to apply to every American.  Participants fight for healthcare, equal pay for women, paid family leave, affordable childcare, and sick days.  Women’s March participants believe in immigrant and refugee rights, regardless of the country of origin or the color of their skin.  They see migration as a human right, whether an immigrant is legal or illegal.  Moreover, the environment is very important to them as well.  Clean water and clean air is a right every person in the nation should have,

Even though The Women’s March in Washington D.C. is the most anticipated, The Women’s March has become a world wide event.  Marches are planned in many places in the United States and there is at least one planned on every single continent.  This very powerful movement is going to be a part of history and it will be a serious statement for women and minorities everywhere.


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