End of semester vibes

At the end of the Semester, with the stress of finals and last minute studying, things can get very hectic. Even though this is freshman’s first and close to seniors last, they dealt with finals alike. Here’s how freshmen and seniors dealt with their first round of finals this year.

 When asked about her emotions at the end of the semester, Bri Manikhoth said “I was stressed, and anxious.” she studied for at least 2 hours each night.” Studying that much caused her to loose a little bit of sleep. Bri’s one tip for underclassmen would be to “make sure your grades are padded enough in case you fail your final, it won’t wreck your grade.”

When finals ended, Cody felt relieved. He got to sleep in a little more during finals due to them starting later in the day. He studied hard for about an hour or two each night prior to his finals and stayed on top of his work. When Cody was asked if he has caught himself slacking off in his last year of high school, he replied “ I have definitely slacked off at times, but at the same time I have worked harder than i have ever, so it kinda balances out.”

Taylor was “kinda nervous” before her Calculus AB final. Finals did not affect her sleep schedule, and in total she pounded out 5 hours of studying. Taylors one advice to underclassmen is “Keep on top of everything, don’t wait until the last minute.”

When asked about his first real week of finals, Aquilles Villanueva said “I was stressed about finals.” Although Aquilles studied a total of about 6 hours, he didn’t lose any sleep over finals. Overall, he thinks his first semester went pretty well.

Robby Means: Robby was never rattled by his finals. He never lost sleep over finals, and studied probably a little over two hours. When asked one thing he would have change about his first semester, Robby said “One thing I will change for next semester is [to] study more.”

Taylor Patti: At the end of the Semester, Taylor was practically drowned from all of her studying. “I studied at least two hours a night, including nights before finals too.” Because of Finals week, Taylor lost a lot of sleep due to staying up late and studying extra. When Taylor was asked if she has caught herself slacking off in her last year, she said “Yeah because I just want to get to graduation, and I feel like my grades don’t matter as much because I’ve already been accepted into colleges.”

By Nate Kindell


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