Interview with a Graduation Specialist

Mrs. Tisch has had quite the interesting life. She grew up being the oldest of 2. When she was 16 she learned to drive on a (EVC) Emergency Vehicle Course. She had this special opportunity because her dad was a police officer.

 Mrs. Tisch went to Spanaway Lake High School. Mr Wimsett was a student teacher at her high school when she went there. In high she was involved in the hiking club and yearbook. Her outside activities that she loved were rock climbing. She played racket ball with friends and co workers. She focused on her studies and working. During high school she worked at Izzy’s and Boston Market. She was also definitely a major fan of social hour.

 When she graduated high school she went right into the real estate career for 1 year. She was only in the business for a year because she found that she was not good at selling something to someone who was unsure.

She knew her husband in high school and they were really good friends. Brian and Alicia got married on December 18, 2011. However before she got married she was a single mom to her beautiful daughter Ava for 6 years. Ava was born when Mrs. Tisch was 25 years old.

 When she was 29 years old she bought her first house. Alicia worked at the Interstate Distributor Company since June of 2000 to December of 2010. The position that she had when she worked there was cut do to the economy at the time. She was unable to find work for 6 months.

 She decided to change career fields and went back to school to become a pharmacy technician. She is currently nationally and state certified. Every 18 months she has to complete 22 hours of training to keep her status. Mrs. Tisch was hired at Rite Aid before she was even certified. The job ended up not working well with her family schedule because they would want her to work on the week evenings and the weekends.

 A couple years after her and Brian were married Brian’s mother encouraged her to look into getting a job with the school district. She decided that she would give it a try. She subbed around in the school district for 3 years. While subbing she found her calling.

 She now has a full time job at BHHS. She is a graduation specialist and is also the apex teacher. Something interesting about Mrs. Tisch is that she is allergic to all animals. She is a caring person who has a compassionate heart.

      Alicia Tisch (Moriah Brannberg)

By Moriah Brannberg


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