BHHS Rifle Team

(BlackHillsRifleTeam/Facebook) The BHHS Rifle Team trains and competes in an interscholastic league that includes

Black Hills, Tumwater, Centralia, Chehalis and Shelton. Students use Olympic style rifles, which are .22 caliber bolt action rifles. The rifles are single-shot, meaning only one bullet can be loaded and fired at a time. The Rifle Team provides a great opportunity to learn firearm safety, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and competition. The Rifle Team is both an individual and team sport. It’s one person per rifle, and each individual is responsible for pulling the trigger on their rifle. Still, it is a team effort to collaboratively score high marks to win when competing against other schools. So far this season, the Rifle Team has been performing remarkably, varsity getting wins against schools such as Tumwater and Shelton. It also takes a team effort to clean up, score targets, and coach other teammates. In a recent interview with rifle team member, Alek Shackell, he was asked why he decided to join the Rifle Team, his response was “I decided to join the Rifle Team because it seemed unique from other activities, and I felt like it would be an activity that I would really enjoy participating in.” Alek’s favorite part about the Rifle Team is “How it is really laid-back, during practices, everyone on the team is fun to talk and hangout with. However, when it is time for the actual competition everyone gets competitive and focused. I have learned how to really focus and drown out any distractions, ever since I joined the Rifle Team.” For someone who is interested in joining the Rifle Team, Shackell recommends “Anyone who wants to join a club, but does not feel like they will enjoy any other sports, will have fun learning new skills and competing on the Rifle Team. There is an initial fee for joining, but most of the equipment is provided for you. If you want to use your own equipment, it has to be specific, and meet certain guidelines.” So if you are an individual looking for both an individual and team sport, different from other school activities, and want to learn gun safety, consider joining the school’s Rifle Team, it may be the perfect thing for you.        

By Jon Truong     


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