New Tech in 2017

According to Business Insider, an article by Steve Kovach, a lot of new and cool tech is coming in 2017.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8. It’s rumored to release in spring 2017. Samsung has announced that the phone will have an intelligent digital assistant created by the same company behind Siri for iOS devices. Recently, Samsung has filed a patent for a bendable/foldable phone. The company has been working on this idea for years, and with a patent being filed, 2017 might be the year we actually have one introduced. Not much information about the display has been released yet. After the Galaxy Note 7, with its history of being a now hazardous device, may have been the end of the Note family. If Samsung decides to continue to make the Note, expect it fall 2017.

Expecting that Apple will keep up with tradition, a new line of iPads should roll out in spring 2017. They’re going to be focusing on the Pro line, making improvements to the Apple Pencil and new screen sizes. Also rumored for Apple, adding a USB-C port to its latest iMac. This is just a rumor and no date for a release of this update has been released. The rumored iPhone 8 is expected to be released around Apple’s 10th birthday. It’s rumored to have an all glass display with organic LED lighting, no home button, and new screen sizes.

In 2016, Google released their first ever phone, The Pixel. Rumor has it that they may be releasing another one in 2017. A new laptop is rumored to run Android and Chrome, so-called “Andromeda OS”. Expected to launch in autumn 2017. Google has postponed an update for the smart watched until this year, leading us on to believe that a new smart watch will be released.

A new version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro is expected, none were released in 2016, leading us to expect one for 2017. The Surface book, Microsoft’s first laptop, is due for an update this year, too. A new virtual reality headset is expected to be capable of working with Windows 10. The windows computers will have an update released where you can use VR glasses with your PC. Starting at only $299, cheaper than the Oculous Rift, starting at $599.

Coming in March 2017, Nintendo is releasing a new gaming console, The Nintendo Switch. It works on televisions, as well as a portable gaming system.

Microsoft is getting ready to up their Xbox game. They’re currently working on Project Scorpio. It’s a super powered Xbox One, designed for 4K Televisions. It may even potentially work with virtual reality headsets, like the Oculus Rift. Launch is expected Autumn 2017.

By Emily Perkins


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