March Madness


Unless you’re a College basketball fan March Madness is probably just a series of odd commercials and listening to people talk about if they still have a perfect bracket or not.  So I hope this article sheds some light on the national chaos that is March Madness.


From the normal fans point of view, March Madness is a chance for people to fill out brackets on ESPN. On the off chance you do fill out the perfect bracket you will forever have bragging rights over your friends and possibly a billion dollars richer. In the past Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans have gave a billion dollars to the the person who filled out the perfect bracket. This is a lot harder than you might think. To fill out the perfect bracket and guess the score of the championship game the odds are 1 in 18 quintillion. Good luck.

The steps you need to take to begin filling out your bracket are pretty simple. First you need to go to and make a profile. Once you have done so it will give you a bracket with the names and seeds of all the teams. There always going to be a select group of teams that you can usually expect to make a deep run in the tournament. But unless you are a North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, or Duke of the world, the chances of the team you pick winning the national championship is probably slimmer than most. For the majority of the world that doesn’t follow college basketball there are some strategies that people have used to fill out their brackets. Probably the least effective strategy is picking the the favorite of each game, but if you want to go that route than expect to have a terrible bracket that everyone of your friends will laugh at. Upsets are inevitable and the is always one or two “Cinderella stories”. Another strategy would be to actually look up info and research because I’m sure you have nothing better to do with your day than to sit at a computer for hours on end in an effort to fill out a perfect bracket. One of my favorite strategies for the March Madness rookie, is to base you pick off the uniforms, school name, and/or mascot of each school. If you want to go by a mascot then you might possibly pick Oregon or LSU due to the fact that LSU has a real tiger as a mascot. This strategy is actually “effective” depending on your own personal opinion but if you really want to fill out a perfect bracket you may want to decide to choose an alternative choice. You will be surprised with how competitive people get even if they have never watched a college basketball game. Whatever you chose to do I would highly recommend filling out a bracket. GOOD LUCK!

Photo Credits:’s_Basketball_Tournament

By Conner Furu


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