Inside K-12/Perception Day Committee

K-12/ Perception Day committee is always busy. Right now they are juggling three different activities. Their job as a leadership committee is to run Perception day, an event that occurs twice a year and encourages students to open up and get to know their peers, and also coordinate activities with the schools feeding into Black Hills High School. This year, the committee has four members. Jordan Tarrow, the head of the committee, Janae Grimm, Nathan Kindell, and Brianna Manikhoth. The committee meets everyday during 6th period and starts by splitting up the tasks they need to accomplish that day amongst the committee members.

In the selection of the members that make up every committee, the head of the committee, chooses some of his/her peers that they thinks would work best together and will fulfill the tasks to make a successful committee.

To better understand the everyday tasks that the committee does, I interviewed Jordan Tarrow.   As head of the committee, Jordan’s tasks are to coordinate events such as perception day and delegate her members to specific tasks. Perception day is the event she is most proud of this year because it unified the school and successfully addressed topics that aren’t spoke about in school. In the coming weeks, a couple events we can look forward to are the elementary school spelling bee, that is being held March 28th in the PAC, and the second Perception Day on March 15th. Other than leading her committee, Jordan also has a part time job.

Jordan picked the members of her committee because she knew they worked hard, Janae had a connection with her mother through the elementary schools, who works at Michael. T. Simmons, and knew she had great leadership skills. She picked Nathan because she can see his potential and has a great work ethic, and can speak to anyone. Bri was selected because of her brains, her classic jokes, and she was the missing piece to our puzzle.

Outside of leading the committee, Jordan works 20 hours a week, is a part of the NHS, and juggles her time with friends.

Some events that everyone should look forward too are March 15th, the second Perception Day of the year. This event’s theme is support. Jordan’s committee has a goal to have 100 people attend. Another event where people are encouraged to come support is the first annual Spelling Bee. This will be held for elementary school students who are in grades 3-6.  

By Nathan Kindell


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