Let me tell you a little bit about Black Hills High School and that smell

Black Hills High school is a place of energy, pride, and acceptance. It is also a place cursed with an odor so foul it will kick you in the crotch. You have not been graced with such a genuine stench then Black Hills High School. It is great though when you are just moping around getting ready for school because you stayed up until 3 AM doing homework and who knows what else you just drag yourself out of your car or off the bus and get a fresh, swift pick-me-up with this smell. No matter how far into the school you get, no matter how hard you work to get a sweet release for your nasal passages, you are not getting away from this smell,  through every vent and every crawl space that stench is just prying away at your nose. Why we have this smell who knows, our janitors clean day in and day out and our lunch ladies prepare nothing but the best meals so how could our school still be overwhelmed with such an unholy odor you might wander? Well let me tell you it is because our school is so luckily located next to a farm passionate in their manure stockpile. They are rotating the manure inside out day in and day out keeping it fresh as ever so we are always blessed with a hot-of-the-press smell every morning. That hard working farm is always refreshing that pile, see they have to lay the manure out for miles in the fields surrounding our school, so not only is cow poop bordering our school we also have that rather large pile that only seems to grow at our welcome gate I don’t know how you could get a breath of fresh air. So if you’re looking for a school where you won’t have to drink coffee to get a nice wake-up in the morning, and you want a solid amount of energy and pride and acceptance then Black Hills High School is the place to be.

 The smell of the hills

By Matthew Taylor


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