Second Semester Student Goals: Noah Brewer

Noah is a senior at Black Hills with a lot of goals for the rest of his time in high school. Her would like to end the semester with at least a 3.2 gpa.

Noah would also like to get a job that he can earn tips. Noah has previously worked at Old Navy in the Olympia Mall, but he wants to aim higher. Although he loved folding shirts, he would much rather be earning an extra $10 or so an hour. On average that is how much someone can earn an hour for just tips alone, depending on the job. Noah has interest working at a car wash. The average tip per car at a car wash is $2-5, but of course, some people will tip more, and some may tip less.

He would also like to make it to the 2A State Basketball tournament at the beginning of March at the Yakima SunDome. The boys basketball team last year made it to the third round of districts and were close to 3rd in districts, but fell short. But there are high hopes this year for the boys team. Both Noah and Joe Crumley, a junior at Black Hills, are in the top ten scorers in the area. With Noah averaging 15.2 points a game, and Joe averaging 14.5 points a game, the team has a lot of potential.

He would also like to have his spring powderpuff football team win the championship for the third year in a row. Every year, other than his freshman year, the school has had an all girls football team for each grade and they compete in flag football games at the Tumwater District Stadium. Sophomore year and Junior year, Noah, the part time Offensive Coordinator, has helped coach his team to a clean sweep of all of the other grades. Noah hopes that he can get all of his players healthy and get three-peat this spring.

Aside from powderpuff football, Noah would also like to see his friend, and fellow football player Conner Furu, get 100% healthy in this off season. During the game against Centralia this year, the Senior running back tore his ACL. Conner was having an incredible season and caught the eye of Drake University, a Division 1 school in Iowa. Noah and teammate Conner, were a huge part of the Black Hills High School Wolves Football team this season and helped the team in so many ways.

Photo Taken by: Sophia Gustafson

By: Taylor Patti


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