Junior Advice Article

The transition from junior year to senior year can be difficult for many students.  A lot of students tend to slack off their senior year.  This ends up hurting their GPA and their chance of getting into colleges.  The classes that juniors choose to take their senior year are essential to their success.  

During junior year, some of the most important things to focus on are the SAT and ACT.  Usually, West Coast colleges prefer SAT scores and East Coast and Midwest colleges prefer ACT scores.  It is good to think about where you want to apply for college, because it impacts which tests you should take and focus on.  Some students take SAT/ACT classes to prepare for the actual tests.  Students can retake the SAT and ACT as many times as they want, but it is nice to get a good score the first time around.  It is crucial to meet the SAT/ACT sign up deadlines or else the price of the test increases.  In the worst case scenario, that test is unavailable because the deadline passed and you have to sign up for a different date.  Additionally, juniors should create an online College Board account as soon as possible.  Creating a College Board account early is beneficial when signing up for the SAT/ACT and applying for colleges, because all of your information will already be there.     

During your junior year of high school, it is important to think about what classes you want to take your senior year.  If you are confident that you will not slack off your senior year, then you should sign up for classes that will challenge you.  As a senior, taking AP classes could lead to college credit if you pass the AP test at the end of the year.  This is significant because it could benefit your college class placement.  However, taking average classes your senior year can be beneficial as well.  If you choose to take easier classes your senior year, you will have more time to look at colleges, apply for scholarships, and prepare for post-high school life in general.  Usually, your GPA your junior year significantly impacts your college application process.  Colleges look at your GPA from freshman year to junior year when you apply.  Junior year is your last chance to get your GPA up before you apply for college.    

PC: Bri Manikhoth

By Bri Manikhoth



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