Leaders of the Pack

Black Hills high school leadership does a lot for the school to make a more enjoyable learning environment. They have done a fantastic job in first semester and have big plans to carry that hard work in second semester to end the year of 2016-2017 with a bang. Advanced leadership is composed of eight committees; K-12/Perception day, Spirit, PACK, Dance, PR, Odd Jobs, and Student Recognition. Each committee has a head, and the head of the committee recruits members of the student body who they think will make a good team and accomplish the tasks of that committee. The first semester leadership worked very hard. To start the year, spirit committee had a great homecoming coronation followed by the Haunted Dance. In November, Perception day was put on by K-12/Perception Day committee and they had a great turnout and it was the best they have had in awhile. In addition to those big events, BHHS assembly committee put on spectacular spirit assemblies all semester.

Leadership plans to go above and beyond and add some new annual traditions in second semester. K-12/perception Day committee is planning a Spelling Bee for our elementary schools. This will be held late March and put on by Black Hills students and judged by a few of the teachers at Black Hills. “It’s a work in progress!” says Nathan Kindell, member of the K-12/Perception Day committee. Another annual tradition coming to Black Hills, is the Mr. Black Hills Pageant. The dance committee has tried to put this pageant on in the past, but due to controversial views, the pageant was shut down. This is a pageant for boys at the school and they compete to win the title ‘Mr.Black Hills’.

A few other events our school will be putting on are Prom Coordination, Prom, Perception Day and more! Also our advanced leadership class has been working on various ‘20th Year’ projects because this is Black Hills 20th year as a school. Dale Reeves, Leadership teacher says, “I’m very proud of the passion my students have to improve the school environment even when problems come up. Our leaders are really trying to make changes for the better.” I also interviewed a couple members of assembly committee, “Second semester we got some big plans coming up. We’re gonna blow some socks off.” Cade Jones. “You can’t imagine what’s coming up, assembly committees got the juice.” Nathan Hutson.

By Janae Grimm


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