Spring Break Hot Spots

Spring break is a very popular time for people to travel. People use this week (or more if you’re a college student) off to go on a nice vacation with your family and/or friends. Lots of people choose to just save the money and relax at home while they have the chance and catch up with life, but others like to live it up  somewhere warm like on the beach or somewhere else super fun and these are who we call spring breakers. I’m about to tell you some of the fun places spring breakers at Black Hills are traveling too and the fun activities they have planned for them!

Kyler Nygren is getting to go to a couple places this spring break and they are both some pretty popular locations for spring breakers. Kyler’s older brothers are in college and are on their spring break so his family decided to travel down to the beautiful Cancun, Mexico where they are going to swim, enjoy the sun, spend some time as a family, and just kick back and have some fun! Kyler will only be back for a few short days before he heads out on his next spring break vacation. His next trip will be another popular location. Him and one of his best friends Cooper Kerlee will be going to Kauai, Hawaii with the Kerlee family. Once again, they don’t have lots of activities planned, but they plan to have lots of fun because they always have fun together no matter what they do.

Jaycee Miller will also be going to Cancun for spring break, but sadly at a different time then his good friend Kyler. Him and his family actually happen to have some activities planned rather than just hanging out and winging it. Jaycee is going to go snorkeling, fishing on the ocean, kayaking, hopefully parasailing above the water, and have as much fun as possible with his family.

Cameron Herd will be setting sail for his spring break. He will board the Carnival Breeze with his dad and brother. He’ll be doing lots of fun activities on the ship such as swimming at the waterpark, watching poolside movies, playing sports at the sports court, mini golf, playing on the ropes course, and enjoying great foods. He gets to do all this while stopping at the beautiful ports of Jamaica, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel.

Some other super popular locations are the Bahamas, different places in Mexico, Vegas, California, Arizona, and the East Coast. People love to follow the sun and heat so everyone is happy to leave this rainy weather we’ve been having here in Western Washington lately.


By Rachel LaBelle


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