The Spring P.A.C.K. Assembly


On March 10th, Black Hills High School had their 2017 Spring P.A.C.K. Assemblies.  The assemblies highlighted students that display P.A.C.K. traits, students that exceed academically, and students that participate in theatre, band, and choir.

In the beginning of the assembly, Megan River and Catherine Taylor promoted and elaborated on the importance of the “Self-Love” t-shirts being sold.  Catherine recognized the State Solo and Ensemble performers, the All-Northwest Performers, and the students who participated in the Winter Musical, “The Music Man.”  Students who qualified for instrumental and vocal solo and ensemble at the State level will perform on April 28th and April 29th at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.  Additionally, following their great performance of “The Music Man,” the theatre program performed a short play on March 16th and 17th called “7 Ways To Say I Love You.”  

Later in the assembly, Emma Duff presented a slideshow that displayed the students at Black Hills’ tardies, grade point averages, 4.0s, number of AP classes taken, and SAT/ACT scores.  The Senior class leads the school with the least amount of tardies and the highest GPA average.  The Freshmen class has the most students with a 4.0 GPA.  Seniors Kyle Fisher, Gabby Connors, Vivian Jones, Fiona McBride, Ryan Peters, Ally Remy, and Aidan McBride have all taken 8 AP classes.  In addition, Gabby Connors and Kyu-Hun Lee both scored extremely high on the SAT, both getting a 1520 out of 1600.  Gabby also has the highest ACT score in the school with a 34 out of 36.  Kyu-Hun has taken 11 AP tests and he has passed all of them to receive college credit.   

During the P.A.C.K. awards, certificates were awarded to students in each grade that displayed pride, academics, character, and kindness. One student from each grade was chosen to be awarded for each trait.  The students that were recognized for showing pride were Nicole Waldron, Nick Hall, Savannah Larson, and Isabella Hughes.  Fiona McBride, Chantal Won, Rylee Denney, and Paige Hinman were awarded for academic success.  For having outstanding character, Guita Taheri, Caleb Evans, Margy -Best- Richardson, and Bethany Ruzicka were appreciated.  Finally, Emma Lindemeier, Britney Manipakone, Brielle Bryan, and Thomas Cammack were acknowledged for their kindness. Skyler Zimmeran presented his poems about what he believed pride, academics, character, and kindness meant and really emphasized the greatness of what our school stands for.  Receiving P.A.C.K. awards are an honor and they truly show what Black Hills High School is all about.    

By Bri Manikhoth


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