Workflow For IOS

help-icon.pngWorkflow for IOS is a powerful app that allows for average users to create “mini apps” or workflows to perform repetitive tasks. Apple recently purchased workflow, and the price was changed from $3.99 to FREE. Workflow not only allows you to build custom workflows, but you can share them and browse a community workflow gallery. Workflows consist of standalone apps, runnable workflows, and share actions. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of workflows, you might need to familiarize yourself with the app to discover its capabilities or read an introductory article about the app.

The focus of this post will be on a few of the more interesting things that workflow can do to demonstrate its functionality. Feel free to read this article on your iPhone and refer to the links to download these workflows and test them out!

Scan a QR Code

Sometimes people don’t want to download a particular app only to scan QR codes. If you find yourself occasionally scanning a QR code on a business card or business window, this workflow lets you quickly scan a QR code and go to the URL in your default browser. You can put it as an app on your home screen or you can let it hover in your notification center as a quick click option.

On My Way ETA Text

Another example of using workflow to simplify a daily task is to send a text notifying a friend or family member that you’re on your way home. You can configure this workflow to calculate your estimated time of arrival to a specific address (like your home) and then send someone a text saying “I’m on my way home! I’m 15min away!” It’s a quick, smart way to send a text with useful information.

ASCII Clipboard For Convenience

Do you ever send a text like this, “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” There are tons of things you can make with text art using your keyboard, but they are sometimes time-consuming to make. Fortunately, you can copy ones you like offline and add them to a list in Workflow. The ASCII Clipboard workflow that I use allows me to copy one of my favorite text art characters to my clipboard quickly to paste into a text message. If you start you use this, you’ll find that it’s much easier than searching online for the one you want every time you need it.

Share My Week In Music

Another intelligent workflow you can use is the “Share My Week In Music” workflow. This workflow will take all the albums you’ve listened to most in the last seven days and make a grid of album artwork to share as an image with someone. It doesn’t serve any purpose other than the novelty of sharing what you’re listening to, but it’s still a fun application of the workflow app.

Combine Several Screenshots And Send

Have you ever had to send a few screenshots that are related at the same time to someone? With this workflow, you can easily combine a few screenshots (or any pictures) together into a line or a grid to send as one picture to someone. This is particularly useful if you are trying to show someone a series of steps in a process on your phone.



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