NFL Draft reaction (Best/worst picks)

NFL Draft (1st Round Reactions)

By: Conner Furu


The 2017 NFL Draft was drama-filled and full of action. The Chicago Bears might have made the best or worst decision in the history of the franchise. Cleveland surprisingly did well, and new General Manager of the 49er’s John Lynch, seem to be making strides to turn the franchise around.

Lets start out with the best picks in this years draft


Solomon Thomas (DE): Solomon Thomas very well could end up being the best defensive player out of this draft 10 years down the road. The reason I believe that he is an awesome pick is because where he was picked. He was the 3rd overall draft pick in the 2017 draft but the 49er’s moved down 1 spot from the 2nd pick to get him, and also obtained 3 more early to mid round draft picks. All NFL Draft analysts believe that the 49er’s were planning on picking him with the number 2 pick but instead get 3 more mid round draft picks and still got Thomas. With the beginning of the John Lynch era as the General Manager of the 49er’s, it looks like he is off to a good start.

O.J Howard (TE): Many people had O.J Howard going in the early part of the first round. I don’t think anyone thought he would drop to the 19th pick. Many NFL Analysts had him going top 10 and some had him has high as the top 8. He has been dubbed “ The safest pick in the draft” He is the prototypical old school Tight End. He blocks extremely well and has the size and speed to compare with some of the best Tight Ends in the League. Tampa Bay may have got the steal of the draft with the 19th overall pick.


Mike Williams (WR): I do believe that Mike Williams will be a good wide receiver in the NFL but my problem isn’t about him as a player but more about where he was picked. I believe it was too early for him to be drafted. He struggles to get separation from defenders and does not possess elite speed. That being said his best intangible is jumping up and catching the ball at the highest possible point over defenders. Hopefully he will be able to provide Phillip Rivers with a solid red zone threat but he isn’t by any means a “sure thing” when you think of future top receivers.

John Ross III (WR): Just like Mike Williams this isn’t about him as a player but more about where he was picked. With injury concerns throughout his collegiate career he is a slight risk. He very well could be the most explosive player (4.22 40 yard dash) selected in the draft but because of the injury concern and the fact he will on a regular basis play in less than ideal weather conditions it worries me. I would have been more comfortable with him going in the late teens or twenty’s but that’s just me


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