CORE 24 vs. Current Grad Requirements

Our school is split 50/50 between the current graduation requirements, our juniors and seniors have the current graduation requirement and the CORE 24 graduation requirements our freshmen and sophomores have. Graduation years 2017-18 have to have a minimum of 20 credits to graduate, allowing these students to fail up to 4 credits in their high school career. Classes of 2019-20 (and beyond) have a new graduation requirement called CORE 24. As the name hints, these students will need a total of 24 credits to graduate, meaning these students have to pass every class taken throughout their four years in high school.


According to the Washington State Board of Education, current graduation requirements are just 20 credits, divided up as follows; 4 years of English, 4 elective credits, 3 credits of Social Studies, 3 years of math (reaching Algebra 2 or beyond; some schools may have an alternate option for Algebra 2), 2 credits of Science (one must be a lab), 2 of health and fitness, 1 year of occupational education, and 1 art credit. Students who earn all 20 credits needed for graduation use the other four credit options as electives, extra math or science credits, or sometimes even home periods. Students who fail or fall behind on credits can use the four other credit options as a method of catching up to those lost credits, in either apex or retaking the class to get a grade replacement.
The Washington State Board of Education also gives some insight on the CORE 24 standard. CORE 24 consists of 24 credits as the following; 4 years of English, 4 credits for electives, 3 of Math (reaching a minimum of Algebra 2, unless the school offers and accommodates with an alternative),  3 credits of science (at least one must be a lab credit), 3 years of social studies, 2 credits of health and fitness, 2 of world language, and 1 credit of career and technical education. One credit of art and both credits of world language can qualify as PPR (Personalized Pathway Requirements). The PPR consists of up to three credits chosen by the student that can be included in a high school and beyond plan, also to help prepare students to meet specific post-secondary career or educational goals. The district may also waive up to 2 credits required for graduation for individual students for unusual circumstances, as defined by the district. Students that are granted a waiver, must still earn the 17 required credits.

By Emily Perkins


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