Rule Breakers Anonymous

#1:  I got really drunk at a basketball game and then had to go to the E.R. and get my stomach pumped.


#2: I’ve had a serious relationship with an older guy since October 2016. No one knows except my closest friends. My parents would be so mad!


#3: I was trying to leave school early one day but Jamie was in the parking lot so I hid under my car until he left.


#4:  There was this rager and there was close to 100 people, but it wasn’t long before the cops showed up and busted it. After that a certain group left to find a new function that was super crowded and extremely smoky, and there was almost a gun fight! So they ended up going to another get together in Olympia and stayed there until it was over.


#5: A kid I used to peer tutor told me him and his girlfriend had sex in the teachers’ bathroom.


#6: I once took more wolf paws than I was supposed to when I was at M.T.S..


#7: A friend and I set Mrs. Alviar’s lanyard on fire by putting it in the microwave. The commons got really smoky then we put out the fire in the water fountain which made even more smoke. Then we threw the lanyard away.


#8: One time I peeled a Trump sticker off of a car in the Red Robin parking lot.


#9: I had a sub one day when I was gone and the sub kept falling asleep. The next day, the class walls were covered in stamps. The whole classroom had to be repainted.


#10: We were in Yakima for the basketball tournament and my friend and I were jaywalking, but then she got scared because she saw a cop and sprinted across the road.


#11: When I was teaching at a different school, an anonymous student left a banana on my desk with a note that said, “use your banana.” That student got suspended.

By Meghan Reicher


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