The Last 25 Days Of Senior Year

As graduation approaches, the seniors have many different opinions on what is to come.  Some start to feel nostalgic as graduation approaches, while others want to graduate as soon as possible.  But whether you think graduation is a bittersweet occasion or a huge relief, June 8th is near and so is the future of the senior class.


All the events that lead up to graduation are exciting, but they are also very stressful.  In addition to all the events your parents force you to go to before the actual graduation ceremony, you’re also trying to keep your grades up, plan your graduation party, figure out what you’re going to wear to all these events, and arrange your calendar so that you can attend all your friends graduation parties too.  The events before the graduation ceremony are Baccalaureate and the Evening of Excellence.  On May 24th, the Evening of Excellence will take place in the Black Hills Performing Arts Center.  During the Evening of Excellence, seniors will be recognized for academic success and college scholarships.   On June 5th, Baccalaureate will take place at Mountain View Church.  Baccalaureate is a religious service that honors the graduating class and blesses them before they start their new journey.  Additionally, some seniors who went to Black Lake Elementary, Tumwater Hill Elementary, and Michael T. Simmons Elementary go back to the elementary schools in their cap and gown for a recognition assembly.  

Besides graduation, the class of 2017 has many other things going on.  Seniors are also planning the senior gift, organizing an official senior skip day, working on scholarships, and keeping up with extracurricular activities. The senior gift being given by the class of 2017 is another water bottle filler like the one in the Commons.  The bottle filling accessory will be installed on the drinking fountain near the math pod.  Throughout this school year, the seniors have not had even one senior skip day, because the majority of the seniors have had sports or important class lessons that they did not want to miss.  As the end of the year creeps up, class work lessens and school sports come to an end, so the seniors may organize a senior skip day soon.  

On top of all the graduation chaos, the seniors are preparing for the next chapter of their life.  Some will go to college, some will take a year off, some will start working, and some will even join the military.  Moving on from high school is a huge life transition and an exciting time in a young person’s life.  Black Hills wishes the best to the Class of 2017.    

By Bri Manikhoth


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