What Is Leadership Up To?

Dance Committee has been hard at work putting on the last dance of the year and the seniors final prom. They are trying their best to make it the best dance so far. The theme is Country Chic and is going to be at Red Barn Studio in Chehalis with lots of yummy snacks including popcorn, rice krispy treats, and lemonade and water for refreshments. The venue is going to be decorated very nicely with baby breath flowers and burlap banners to set the country mood. The social chair has also been working hand in hand with the administration to try to change the dance contract. On top of putting on the perfect prom, the dance committee is trying to put on the first Mr. Black Hills. This is a “beauty pageant” type thing for boys only to show off some of their talents and just to be a kind of funny activity for people to come watch while raising money for the school. They go t this idea from the Tumwater High School leadership class because they have been putting this event on for years now and it has always been very successful for them.


Coordination committee has been in charge of doing all the activities for prom court and choosing the spirit days for the week leading up to prom. They have been taking surveys and getting ideas for some new and unique spirit ideas but have had the tough task of making sure the days are simple enough that people will participate but aren’t the same old thing we’ve always done in the past. Once they choose the themes they will be making lots of nicely painted signs to help promote the spirit day themes and get people involved. After all of this is done they were onto organizing the the fashion show for the court. They are to have each court couple dress up for one of the spirit days and walk down the runway they make in the cafeteria during both lunches as an example for what everyone could wear and to show everyone who this year’s court members are. Then during spirit week they have to come up with class competitions to do during the lunches and at the end of the week they have the big prom assembly. At the assembly they have to announce each court couple giving a few fun fact about each member while pushing them around the gym on a cart they decorate to show them off to everyone and then drop them off at a table in front of their class. They then announce what the song will be for the dance while having a quick slow dance for everyone to join in on. After this the court plays a quick game. Their last job is announcing the court at the actual dance and announcing who won king and queen. They have a lot of work on their hand but it’s nothing new for them so they’ve got it under control.


Assembly committee is obviously in charge of the assemblies and they have perfected these with how many times they have had to do them this year. With a few great leaders the assemblies are always so entertaining. They have to choose what teachers they want to choose to judge roll call which is usually pretty easy for them. They also have to make a big slide show including a bunch of spirit day pictures for every theme and also all the different promposals. This is the tough part because they have to try to get all these pictures but no matter how much they ask people to send some in, people usually don’t so they have to go through everyone’s social media and pull them off of there. They also have to come up with a fun and creative class competition that hasn’t been used so this gets their creative juice flowing. They then have the hard job of making sure they squeeze everything that they’re required to have in the assembly into the little amount of time they have.  


The K-12 committee just finished a very very successful first annual spelling bee! This event brought in a lot of money for ASB. Now they’re onto their next activity which the senior class gift. They asked the leadership class for different ideas they might have for a good present and took these into consideration. With only a small budget left for this their options are limited. Right now they think they are going to donate another nice drinking fountain. Right now the only nice one we have is in the commons so whenever someone wants to get more water during class they have to walk all the way over there which wastes lots of class time so having one in the B building would be convenient. Maybe one in the gym area would be nice as well.


PACK committee is in charge of recognizing people for showing the PACK traits while at school and other outstanding people such a student of the month and athlete of the week. Right now they are trying to come up with a way to recognize the theatre students for their wonderful productions of the spring one acts.


And lastly, sunshine committee has been busy constantly updating the pack boards by the office with pictures of recent events and awards. They are also working to gather baby pictures and then a senior picture of each senior to put up on a slide show at graduation.

By Rachel Labelle


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