Where the world would be without autocorrect

Technology has advanced throughout the 21st century. We have relied more on our phones, our computers, and other sources of media that we believe to make our life easier. Because they do. There is a fine line between need and want. Specifically, in the advance of autocorrect. We do need this addition, because it makes us learn and is a great deal of help when writing up something for work or school. But, still we wonder without it if we would be smarter or not.

According to the BBC, “auto-correct and spell checkers have turned us into a bunch of illiterate idiots.” There is controversy over this opinion, debating whether or not we would be smarter without it or still the same. Although, if you were to take in one of these point of views, we may learn without it more efficiently. If we learned without autocorrects’ helping hand, maybe we wouldn’t sound like “illiterate idiots” after all. We might even learn the difference between all the there’s, to’s, and thans. Because even with autocorrect, it doesn’t recognize the particular grammar we are intending.

Then there is the other side of this opinion. That without autocorrect it wouldn’t do much anyway. We would still be those idiots typing up things that make us look ignorant and spend most of our hours staring at a screen with glassy eyes. Even without autocorrect, we’d still be sending out messages crammed with errors and we would never learn. There are many types of people, but even without it we may never learn from each other because we are all writing at the same level. We care more about our social lives than our education.

Reports, emails, and work are all examples of our actual need of autocorrect. Using it in social media will make us sound more educated. To conclude, we all need autocorrect. It only counts in the manner of how we use it. It make us sound clever or downright unsophisticated.

By Jaidyn Tibeau


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