Prom 2017 Spirit Week

The week leading up to prom is the bi-annual spirit week! Twice a year before our formal dances we have a week with everyday dressing up as the assigned theme. This week is mostly about getting everyone excited for prom and the prom assembly.

Spirit week days:

  • Monday- Pajama Day
  • Tuesday- Generation Day (Seniors-Grandparents, Juniors- Adults, Sophomores- Middleschoolers, Freshman- Babies)
  • Wednesday-Multiplicity Day
  • Thursday-Impersonate a Staff Member Day
  • Friday- Color Wars (Seniors-Blue, Juniors-Red, Sophomores-White, Freshman-Pink)

This year, in my opinion, the days were boring and mediocre. We have generation day every year which gets old. The spirit committee tried to come up with different names for the days we have each time such as twin day was called: Multiplicity Day. This day is basically twin day that you can dress up the same as one or more person. However the seniors turned this into a senior toga day which matched the theme, Multiplicity day. The leadership class came up with many new ideas but I guess they still went with the same old same old. One new idea i heard about was denim day. This day was a spirit week day in the past, but not every year.

I interviewed Nathan Kindell before and after spirit week and this is what he had to say. Before: I am so stoked. This week is gonna be poppin’ with spirit. These days are so dope. I’m most excited for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! XD” After: “Man… I was pretty disappointed. I thought the days were the same as previous spirit weeks. Our spirit committee is lazy and lacks creativity. The only day I thought was original was Thursday, impersonate a staff member day. All the others have been used every year. Don’t know why I was so excited for something so lame.”

Everyday, the advanced leadership class (6th period) chooses one boy, one girl, and a staff member that dresses up the most creative and goes all out for each day. The spirit week winners receive a free picture package at prom.

Spirit day winners:

  • Monday- Pajama Day: Boy- Avery Armin (freshman) Girl- Emily Dobson (freshman)
  • Tuesday- Generation Day: Boy- Andrew Wilmoth (junior) Girl- Catherine Taylor (senior)
  • Wednesday-Multiplicity Day: Boy- Austen Daisa (senior) Girl- Jewel Bender (senior)
  • Thursday-Impersonate a Staff Member Day: Boy- Ronnie Vader and Luke Johnson (freshman) Girl- Sydney Willis (sophomore)

Spirit week is one of many way Black Hills High School involves the students at BHHS.

By Janae Grimm


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