Review: The Senior Class

Underclassmen love the senior class. Here’s what the Freshman have to say. Taylor Prante said, “The senior class is an amazing class and I am going to miss so many of them as they move onto post high school education. The seniors are great leaders, they step up and take charge. They lead us in our chants and cheers and make every student section hype.” Megan River said, “I love the senior class. They’re all very caring and always willing to help you out. They’ve been here for me the whole year and even gave me rides when I needed them. I am going to miss them a lot next year!” Bella Hughes said, “The seniors are a great group of people. They are kind to staff and fellow classmates. The seniors always include the underclassmen in the activities they do. They work hard not only academically, but also try their best to make Black Hills have better spirit, pride and other positive attributes. They’re an energetic and outgoing class that in my opinion will be greatly missed.” Jordyn Bender said, “I really enjoy the senior class, and since my sister is a part of it I have come to know a lot of the seniors and I enjoy being around them. They make me feel cool. I’ve also became friends with a lot of the seniors through sports, such as soccer and basketball. Even though most of the seniors pick on me, I still love them and I’m going to miss them a lot in my next three years at Black Hills but hopefully they’ll stay in touch with Jewel, my sister, so that I hopefully get to stay in touch with them also. I’m going to miss seeing them in the halls and at practice. They made my freshman year definitely one of my best years in school and high school wouldn’t be the same without them. I love you guys!” Sir Carter said, “I love our senior class! At first coming into high school I was a little scared because of the big dog stereotype who prey on the “fresh meat,” but going through the year I found that they were happy to lend a helping hand. I actually made a few friends I am going to be sad to watch leave us, but I know that they are going to make something out of themselves and not forget about me while they’re at it!”


A few Sophomores expressed their love for the seniors as well. The one and only Ethan Loveless said, “They are amazing role models that I can look up to and want to strive to be compared to in the future. They are chill to the underclassmen and deserve a lot of praise as they graduate this year.” Natania Serhan said, “I would like to say that of the few seniors I know, Taylor Patti is my favorite. Rachel LaBelle is a close second.”  


The staff and administration also enjoy the senior class of 2017. Our Principal, Mr. Myers, said, “I love our senior class. The growth and maturity they have shown over four years is awesome. Our senior class is leading our school and doing a great job. I am excited to see the impacts they make on the world. I can tell you I am proud to say I am the Black Hills High School principal and a lot of that is due to our students and that starts with our seniors. Over the four years I am honored to say I have built positive relationships with many of our seniors. I love the senior class. It will be sad for me to see them leave, but I am also excited to see what they accomplish.”

By Taylor Patti


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