Teacher Appreciation Week

Throughout the week of May 1-5, Black Hills students celebrated our teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. The leadership classes did a variety of things to celebrate our staff. On Tuesday the teachers received coffee and tea from a special donation from the Tumwater Starbucks. Later in the week, the introductory leadership class planned a decades day for the staff. The teachers and staff members were asked to send in pictures of themselves in their younger years and a current picture to play a fun then and now game.

At Black Hills we have an amazing staff that dedicates so much of their time and efforts to helping our students become educated, respectful young adults. But what makes a good teacher? Is it their credentials, the college they attended, or is it the way they connect with students and truly care about teaching and making sure their students understand the curriculum?

When Black Hills students were asked what teacher has made the biggest impact on their lives, they described a dedicated and personable teacher. Senior, Jon Truong said Mrs. Layton has been one of his favorite teachers because of her upbeat spirit. Truong says “With Layton, you can talk about anything and she always pushes you to do your best.”

Kassi Ward, a Black Hills senior credits our amazing health department teachers, Mr. Bert and Mrs. Summers for helping her find herself. They proved to her how important health and fitness is. Ward has struggled through her high school career with many injuries including a broken thumb, a torn ligament in her thumb, in her meniscus, in her shoulder as well as a dislocated shoulder that required surgery. Through all of these obstacles, she has preserved and has received a scholarship to play softball at the University of Jamestown. She thanks our PE teachers for helping her find the career field she wishes to pursue in college as well.

A Western Washington University basketball commit, Emma Duff, thanks Ms. McNeal for being able to help her succeed in Algebra 2, which therefore created a solid foundation for Precalculus and AP Calculus. Duff thanks McNeal was always providing “thorough lessons and giving examples of all kinds of problems.” Duff appreciated how open Ms. McNeal was to questions and providing time to work in class

Similar to Emma Duff, Sydney Sims, an Ivy League bound senior, said Ms. McNeal has also had a great impact on her math career. McNeal showed her that math can be fun, even when others hate it. Sims appreciated how much her teacher loved what she was doing and it showed in her work. Sims claimed that McNeal “devotes countless hours to making worksheets and tests for her students so that the lesson and following tests go as smoothly as possible. If a student is struggling she always thinking of ways to help them and her students are always her priority.”

Black Hills High School is full of amazing teachers and the students here are lucky to be able to go here.

By Jordan Tarrow


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