The Beauty Behind the Walls: Seniors Favorite Memories

It all started four years ago. Four years ago we got on the bus bright and early filled with speachless excitement because we were about to embark on our newest adventure. We went through four years of stress, studying, drama, homework, and tests and now it has all finally paid off. We are reaching the final leg, graduation is right around the corner. While yes the stress was crippling and overbearing at some times, there were still amazing times. The dances, the games, the adventures outside of the walls. Everything we did was grounded around these walls. All of it ties together and while it comes down to an end we begin to reminisce. Reminisce just what made the tests and homework worth it, what got us through it. The times that we are going to share with our kids, the times we looked forward to since we started this journey.

Graduating seniors Taylor Patti and Rachel LaBelle have been known for their hard work and dedication throughout all four years of high school. Some of their favorite memories have been with their basketball team. The lady wolves are known for leaving all they have on court, which is what Rachel and Taylor loved most. Memories were made through the entire journey of their season. The bus rides to away games were always filled with encouragement and love throughout the team. All the time spent breaking down games when they were done and talking about the great team work on the court was one of their favorite pass times on the bus. A special memory in Taylor and Rachel’s hearts was getting the opportunity to go to state this last season. They wanted to send out a special thank you to the girls who made it possible. Without the dedication these girls left on the court they wouldn’t have made it to where they were. I think it’s safe to say these lady wolves had the senior year they dreamed of.

By Matthew Taylor


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